Zoweee. I can’t speak for what’s happening outside of Jasper, but I am hearing a few things (we’ll find out after the 29th – send images and video links to findthecommonthread@yahoo.ca ) but I can certainly speak for what’s happening in Jasper. I must start off by saying that I live in the coolest, most supportive and generous community I can imagine, it’s not just neighbours, it’s friends …. and I’m surrounded by the most amazing, loving and supportive family in the world. I’m so grateful to be amongst such individuals. So here’s what’s happening in Jasper:


PJ Ski

11am –  Race at Marmot Basin. FREE.

This is a fun course set on Lower Drom that will be open to all abilities. You don’t have to be a racer to enjoy it. Brian will set the course and anyone interested in volunteering to help with set up can contact me at findthecommonthread@yahoo.ca or go to Facebook and post me a message in the FIND THE COMMON THREAD group. There will be a post race wrap up at The Whistle Stop Pub where the staff will also be in PJ’s and there will be special drinks where the proceeds will go towards setting up a Non Profit Organization. Take pictures and send them after the event. We’ll have a photographer around, but the more the merrier. Show us how your day in PJ’s was. Send them to: findthecommonthread@yahoo.ca (kinda like navigating your way through the medical system and feeling a little exposed in your PJ’s all the time)

PJ Run

Noon  Meet at Totem Pole. FREE.

If you don’t feel like racing on your skis, you can go for a lunchtime run with Tracy Garneau. Don’t let the name scare you though because this will be an easy run around town and on the town trail. Wear your PJ’s and pose for a shot or two for our photo gallery. (kinda like after you get diagnosed and having to go through some stuff that feels uncomfortable and you push yourself further than you thought you could go…)

PJ Yoga

1:30pm –  with Stephanie Sophocleous. Yoga Studio – Second floor Old Firehall.      FREE.

After all of that running and racing and sliding and having fun, it’s time to stretch it out. You don’t have to change clothes, stay in your PJ’s and go for a session of inner peace and muscle strengthening. (kinda like when you’re on the mend and have spent so much energy on just trying to survive that suddenly you realize that it’s time to heal and strengthen that which has been assaulted)

PJ DF CX SKI – PJ Dog Friendly Cross Country Ski

1:30pm – Wabasso Campground Meet – Su Young Lesley – FREE

If you’re still looking for something outdoors to do in your PJ’s here’s an opportunity. The track will be set between now and then so it’ll be a fun PJ glidefest. Don’t forget to take some photos.

PJ Noodle Night

5:00 – 7:00       627 Patricia Street.      FREE.

Join us for a free dinner and wear your pajamas to support the one in five people affected by autoimmune disease. Brought to you by the Community Outreach Services. Fill your tummies and then head over to the Fashion/Dance show at the Activity Centre. (anyone on prednisone knows that this one is near and dear to the heart – as much of it as possible)

PJ Dance and Fashion Show

7:15 Doors 7:30 Start .      FREE

Come and check out the Jasper High School Dance 15 class, the grade 9 Jasper Dance Program, and some brave models put on a PJ show for you. There will be some T-shirts for sale for no more than $10 each – and they are all different. Come out and support your friends and neighbours and raise a hand for the one in five. The actual show won’t be longer than 40 minutes, but it should be great. (our coming out of the shadows party)

PJ Party – Whistle Stop Pub

From the end of the ski day onwards. The Whistle StopDrink specials and great footage.

Come hang out and have some drinks in your PJ’s. This is where the skiers from today’s event will come by to see themselves on the big screen as they navigate the gates in their Pajamas.

PJ Party – The D’ed Dog

Throughout the day. Wear your PJ’s and get Happy Hour Prices.

A good place to hang out and watch the goings on all around with everyone in their most comfy clothes – their PJ’s.

PJ Dance Party

Anytime after the Fashion Show – THC (The Horseshoe Club)  FREE

Come and dance the night away to finish off a great day and go to bed wasted from the day’s activities. If you did everything there was to do today, at this point of the evening (after THC) you should be feeling like many people with autoimmune disease feel when they wake up in the morning.

Businesses who will be wearing their PJ’s on February 29th (in no particular order, and if I’ve missed you please drop me a line or comment at the end of this post)
  • Seton General Hospital
  • Jasper Inn Best Western
  • Marmot Basin Ski Area
  • TD Bank
  • Whistler’s Hotel
  • Wild Mountain North Face Store
  • Freewheel Cycle
  • Parks Canada non front line staff
  • Friends of Jasper National Park
  • Summit Massage
  • Wild Orchid
  • La Fiesta
  • Super A Food Store
  • EK Bye Professional Group
  • Robinson’s Food Store
  • Jasper Senior’s Lodge (they will also have a PJ BBQ for lunch)

the biggest giant hug to you all for the unreal support. Here’s to a fantastic February 29th.

Some of the media so far:

Edmonton Journal – http://blogs.edmontonjournal.com/2012/02/24/ski-in-your-pajamas/ (the picture in this article was taken a couple of weeks before diagnosis, you can see that I’m in a ton of pain and not very happy about life at this point)

Edmonton Global – http://www.globaltvedmonton.com/video/index.html?v=skaO6DY99UOrbyo_urPZid_1QCe6H5MG#themorningnews/video

Jasper Fitzhugh Paper – http://www.fitzhugh.ca/news/5984-dress-for-bed-on-feb-29

The Eagle Radio – and I’ll go on air on February 29th to let a few more know – just in case they’re standing in front of their wardrobe wondering what to wear, I can help them with the decision and save the day.

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