One little bit at a time

Just an update to let you know what I’m working on now.

I have spoken with the administrator of our local hospital and we’re going to work together on making our hospital an Autoimmune Disease Center of Excellence. What does that mean?

It means that we will create clinics for various autoimmune diseases where specialists in medicine and care can see patients, but we will also bring in psychologists to help patients and family in dealing with living with a potentially deadly chronic illness, and help with living a relatively normal life while dealing with severe treatments, and constant physical limitations. We will also bring in financial advisers to help with the aftermath of getting struck and dealing with the acute stage of autoimmune disease. Many people are pulled from the work force in the prime of their earning years and in severe cases find themselves personally bankrupt. Specialists can assist with getting a handle on the finances again and eliminating that element from the list of stressors that can cause a flare. We would also like to have Pediatric specialists and bring together young people who have to deal with severe medication treatments, being on steroids and chemotheraphy and living a normal childhood while dealing with a debilitating disease. We will work with  other partners to create opportunities for patients and families to meet and share experiences and gain strength from being part of a larger community.

As well as this we are going to work on getting an internet link-up with China where we can do daily Tai Chi sessions with people in China who are masters at being part of the solution in their wellbeing. We can learn so much from each other as patients, as advocates, as doctors and as human beings inhabiting the same planet.

Will keep you posted as developments occur.

I promise.