No more sleeps.

Today is our day.
We’re  off to great places!
We’re off and away!

Have fun in your PJ’s today and when you’ve had all your funnin’ and you haven’t forgotten to do all your picture snappin’ and videoin’,
put them all in
Username: findthecommonthread
Password: findthecommonthread

Please only drop stuff into there, I’ll remove things so that we don’t accidentally erase someone else’s pictures. The funny thing is that it will probably be me that messes things up due to chemo brain, lack of sleep, or some other awesome excuse I can come up with.

Have a blast today friends, and let this be our day where WE can do something significant to change things for the better.


2 thoughts on “It’s heeee-re

    1. Thanks Maggie, but it’s all of us. I love the photo of Todd in front of the Tram. Super cool. What a great town we live in. Thanks to you and everyone else for the amazing support.

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