All money raised during the 2016 PJ Day (Feb 29) will go toward the creation of a healing center in Jasper, as well as supporting research at the University of Alberta towards getting solid metrics on autoimmune disease in Canada.

OR snail mail your kind donations to:

Find The Common Thread Foundation
Box 705
Jasper, Alberta Canada
T0E 1E0
(no tax receipt)

We are now giving you the option to choose where your donation goes.

Once you hit the donate button you will be brought to PayPal.

  1. Enter the amount to donate.
  2. Log into Paypal
  3. The second screen will show you your donation, with the option to enter the Foundation Name you wish to donate to. Click on the Words “Name the Foundation to Donate To” and enter the foundation name (A full list of Foundation can be found here). If you’d like to give 100% to us please leave that section blank, or fill in our foundation name.
  4. Hit the Donate Now Button


Let’s crush this disease ONE person, ONE dollar at a time

If you’d like to support the collection towards a publicly funded X-Prize style incentive to promote innovation through healthy competition to look for a cure for autoimmune disease, please chip in here. We’d like to get a $1,000,000 prize. If every person with an autoimmune disease gave $1, we would raise in the Millions in Canada and 10’s of Millions in the US and abroad. Do a one-time donation of whatever you can part with and together we’ll find a cure.

You can also support Greg Van Tieghem (Jasper Fire Chief) in his superhuman effort to End MS

End to End to End MS Bike Trek
3000 KM starting right after The Firemen’s Pancake Breakfast at PJ Day 2014
Pledge to Support

2 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Hi Judy, That’s tough. My dad has Lupus, RA and gout, my sis has psoriatic arthritis, mom has fibro and I have Wegener’s. We’re the full meal deal. This is why we’re doing this. People don’t know unless they are living it, and it’s time we get out of the darkness and into the light. I wish you and your family healing, strength and only memories of the collection of AI diseases. I have a friend who had severe and I mean severe RA and she got pregnant and had a little girl who is now graduated from college and the RA never returned. There is always hope. Always!

  2. My husband and daughter both have an autoimmune disease. My husband has lupus. We had to wait so long for a diagnosis, even though his Mom died from this. My daughter has psoriatic arthritis. She is pregnant right now and is in remission which often happens during pregnancy. I’m praying that it won’t recur, but not very hopeful. I will donate gladly.

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