Below are some links to resources on autoimmune disease as a whole rather than specific disease groups.

AARDA – these are the people who inspired me to do what I am doing with my free time.

The Common Thread Article – that was the turning point in everything I do. Dr. Noel Rose is a strong supporter of what we’re doing and I hope to have him come out to a PJ Day event in the future. Here’s a link to a talk by Dr. Rose:

Autoimmune Disease in Women – A huge problem and this article talks about some of the reasons we have such a hard time getting diagnosed, and how this would change if there was more awareness out there in the medical fields. If caught early enough, we even have a chance of reversing the process, but first we need to get med schools to pay more attention to this disease group.

Autoimmune Statistics – There is some shocking stats in here. Make sure you’re sitting down.

Autoimmune Disease Questions and Answers

Some fascinating new research into autoimmune disease (amongst others)

Me, myself and us – the human microbiome  – there has only been two times I have had the full body goosebump after reading an article. The first was Dr. Noel Rose’s Common Thread article (link above) and the second was this article. I strongly feel that our answer might come to us from this direction.

Dr. Jayne Danska on CBC talking about her research with biobugs and the connection to autoimmune disease, and below you’ll find the actual research paper which she is talking about (for the science brains in the crowd) Science-2013-Markle-FINAL

This is slightly off topic, but I am certain that my trigger for my Wegener’s was the H1N1 vaccine and here is a paper that supports my theory:
British Medical Journal  vaccinstudy

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