PAJAMA DAY 2012 – Feb 29

PJ's in the Tonquin.
PJ’s in the Tonquin.


1. Introduction by moi followed by the Dance 15 Class from Jasper High:

2. A dance by Nicole and Alexandra:

3. The Fashion Show. Thanks to Bearberry, Bombshell, Freewheel, Lucias, Ransom, and Tea Leaf for supplying the wonderful PJ’s.

4. The Dance 9 Jasper Dance Program Girls.

5. Last Dance by the Dance 15 Jasper Dance Class.

6. Final Bow and Thank You

Thanks to you all for everything and showing me that what I believe, the fact that there is more good than bad on this planet and we can all do something to make things better, is true.

Here are a couple of things from our local newspaper after the event:



PJ Day success an overwhelming experience

PHOTOS from the town of Jasper and around


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