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What is Pajama Day and why pajamas?

Pajama Day is a day when all of us autoimmune patients and our families and friends can make a stand together to show the world how many of us are truly affected by this ignored and potentially deadly disease. If one in five have an autoimmune disease or disorder that’s 20% of the population directly affected. Those of us dealing with it also know that our loved ones, although not sick, have as much or more stress as those they are caring for, then there is our employers… it’s a very big and ugly web. And nobody is doing anything about it. Well we are, and we will do what it takes to eliminate this disease from existence.

Why pajamas? Because the way autoimmune looks on the outside makes us look somewhat normal to those who don’t know us. Those who do know us see the ravages of long term steroid treatment and life-long chemo treatment but that’s only because they knew what we looked like before we got sick. We spend days, weeks, months and sometimes even years in our pj’s looking normal on the outside yet fighting for life and dealing with deadly drug cocktails on the inside. Don’t be fooled. Autoimmune kills. It kills strong, healthy people and because of lack of awareness, they get misdiagnosed, made to feel like hypochondriacs and treated with ill respect until they’re fighting for life or worse they die. So many die needlessly each year and nobody is standing up for us. So it’s time we stood up for ourselves and make a difference not only for us, but for our kids, our families, and our society at large.

By finding the common thread to autoimmune disease we will do all of the above but also will be lead down the path of understanding not only for Autoimmune Disease but also for Cancer, Infectious Disease, AIDS, and other medical problems we have little info on.

Let’s stand together and change our world for the better. It can be done, but only by uniting forces.


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