The video, pics and write-up of PJ Day and the Evening Fashion/Dance Show

PJ's in the Tonquin.

Thanks to everyone who played, supported, strutted and sponsored PJ Day. This would never have happened to the scale it did had it not been started in Jasper. Did you hear that world? It all started here in Jasper and when you see it all over the world in a couple of years you can say, “hey, I know where this started, I saw the pictures” or you can say ” I was there in my PJ’s”. Next year will be our second year and the people that come on board can also brag about being on the leading edge of a movement that will give voices to the silent sufferers and will be the first little step towards helping millions of people get their lives back, thus allowing millions more with other ailments get the medical attention they need because we’ve freed up the resources we need from the medical world to survive.

Below are the video links of the evening and links to the photos and the articles in Jasper after the event. I will be making a photo book of the entire day’s events soon, but here’s a sampling of the wonderful energy that was the first ever ever ever PJ Day and Evening for Autoimmune Disease Awareness.

1. Introduction by moi followed by the Dance 15 Class from Jasper High:

2. A dance by Nicole and Alexandra:

3. The Fashion Show. Thanks to Bearberry, Bombshell, Freewheel, Lucias, Ransom, and Tea Leaf for supplying the wonderful PJ’s.

4. The Dance 9 Jasper Dance Program Girls.

5. Last Dance by the Dance 15 Jasper Dance Class.

6. Final Bow and Thank You

Thanks to you all for everything and showing me that what I believe, the fact that there is more good than bad on this planet and we can all do something to make things better, is true.

Here are a couple of things from our local newspaper after the event:


PJ Day success an overwhelming experience

Also some pictures from the day in our amazing town, where if you weren’t wearing PJ’s  you were odd man/woman out. Here’s to next year when this can become a global phenomenon.

I will try and put them all together in a nice book that anyone can buy (not from me – i.e. I won’t be profiteering from this at all) but that’ll take a bit as I’m like the millions I’m trying to be a voice for – a sick person on chemo with limited energy reserves. You should have seen me before though, I was a machine – ha ha ha, those were the good ole days.

Well wasn’t that a wonderful time…

What an amazing day with amazing people. Our first ever PJ Day for Autoimmune Disease was a screaming success. I spent all day in perpetual goosebumps and on the verge of tears because of the support and enthusiasm that I witnessed from my town, my neighbours,  my friends, my family.

There are pictures strewn about in several place and there are more to come. I also have video that I will need to edit and will post soon. I just need to lay low for a couple of days as I’m certain I used up my energy quota for the entire month in one day. It was well worth it though because already some of the objectives are materializing. People are talking about autoimmune disease. We’re sharing stories and seeing commonalities that wouldn’t be coming out if we weren’t talking. People that are dealing with issues are suddenly realizing that thier issues are AI related. People who have been dealing with stuff in their own homes are now talking about it with others in the same boat.  These discussions are so overdue. I was just talking about this with someone that I feel so strong in my gut that this will lead us to great places. I haven’t felt so certain about anything else – other than when I said ‘I DO’ on that magic day twelve years ago.

Next year this will be huge and we will start raising money. We will have a Canadian Non Profit for this cause and can really do something tangible towards our ultimate goal to find the common thread.

Here are some links to pictures that are up already. Thanks to all of the photographers, all of the volunteers. all of the models, all of the dancers, all of the organizers of the various events, and all those who came out and supported by putting on their jammies and either playing or watching or just sending us the good vibes that everyone felt all day. As Tony M put it early on in the day – Downtown Jasper is like Dr. Seuss right now. – Thanks Nicole. – Thanks everyone

There are also photos on the Facebook group – go to Facebook and look for the group FIND THE COMMON THREAD.

As more becomes available I will add links and updates.