We are here to help raise Autoimmune Disease Awareness

Find the Common Thread Foundation is a group of like-minded individuals working to raise awareness for and help in the efforts to eradicate one of the costliest yet least talked about disease groups of our time.

What is Autoimmune Disease?

Autoimmune Disease is akin to having the army that is supposed to protect your homeland turn on you and pillage the land it lives on and kill its populations. It’s not a malicious attack but one based on confusion, and a lack of the ability to recognize self from non-self.

There is no cure, and treatment is often toxic only addressing the symptoms or damage incurred, with remission being a best case scenario.

Donate And We Will Share

We believe that the answer (and cure) to autoimmune disease lies in working together and to prove this we will share your donation with your special Autoimmune Disease group/charity.You are free to give us 100% of your donation but you have a choice to share and we will give 1/5th or 20% (get the connection?) to your disease group.

donate banner

The Last Hoorah

Final Post from Marta Rode, Founder of Find The Common Thread Foundation

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