Long Time Coming

Hey friends,

It’s been a while. Life just got up and got away on me, and although feeling a little bit of guilt for not writing, I still haven’t gotten myself to do it – all kinds of excuses, but who cares about excuses because all they really are is a way to alleviate guilt.

I have to write about my newest discovery. That being Dr. David Hawkins and his body of writing.

I stumbled onto my first, his last, book in an almost mystical way that I wont go into here, but it was very much like that book wanted to be read by me. It was the jumping board that has led me into a number of his other books because I found my first, his last, so powerful and empowering. I know that different books, ideas, theories, affect us differently at different times in our lives, resonating the strongest when we are either ready for the ideas, or when we need them most. I believe that I had to go through what I went through with this autoimmune disease process to get me ready to comprehend and embrace the writing within.

I understand now that what I thought was the cause of the onset of my particular flavour of autoimmune hell, was only a small part of the problem that triggered the disease process. I understand now how many other factors were involved and how much power lies in our hands vs those of the medical profession. The medical profession is great at dealing with the acute phases of the disease process and pulling us out of the proverbial glue, but such a large part of the healing lies in our own hands, it’s unfathomable. This is a problem in that many people will choose to go the ‘lazy’ North American route of “fix me doctor with your magic pills and potions and machines that go ping” but I believe to be truly fixed, we need to do some heavy lifting inside our own minds. Heavy stuff, I know. But man oh man is it rewarding, and literally ‘enlightening’ in that you actually feel lighter when you start the process.

Ironically there are many doctors who upon feeling uncertain about a patient’s physical issues will default to telling that patient that the issues are in their heads and should maybe try some antidepressants. By sheer chance, they are partially right but for all the wrong reasons. They are right in that if one goes inside much pain can be removed, and triggering emotions can be tamed, but they are wrong to prescribe more drugs to numb the through process and assuming that your disease is ‘in your head’. My mom had a jerky female doctor who had the audacity to tell her “You’re as healthy as a horse. How can your husband stand living with your constant complaining?” Mom forbade me from calling that doctor’s office and giving her a piece of my mind, or of reporting her to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, but that doc will have her own issues to deal with in living with so much pride and jerkiness.

I will continue on the journey I’ve started from that first book of Dr. Hawkins that I read Letting Go, and I hope that you can read it and get as much as I’ve gotten out of the experience. This is a life changing book if you play around with this very easy technique to transcending levels of consciousness. Another one that is great (it does repeat itself a lot because it was taken from a series of lectures) is Healing and Recovery, which gives you an absolutely tangible technique of releasing pain on the spot. I can now get rid of headaches in about 30 seconds to a minute without any drugs. Pretty amazing since headaches are the first symptom that has plagued me since onset. I strongly believe that everyone with chronic illness needs to read these books if they want to get a handle on their lives. But we also all have to go through our own journeys of discovery and perhaps the payment of some karmic propensity that we’ve carried with us for who knows how long.

If you go into this with an open mind, an open heart, and an open soul, there is no predicting how far you will go in your healing and subsequent transcendence. I hope to go far enough to feel the non-linear existence but only time will tell.

In the meantime, get your calendars ready for March 18, 2016, when we have our FIFTH (woohooo) PJ Day to raise awareness and stand in solidarity with the millions out there dealing with this crap behind closed doors.

Peace to all.

I’ll be better at updating this blog

I haven’t been on here much but I’ve just gotten off Facebook and will have more time to put my thoughts down here without the added drama of constant bickering and distractions. I will write something thoughtful soon as I start planning our next PJ Day (2016) which will take place in the middle of Autoimmune Awareness Month.

Stay tuned and keep on fighting the good fight…. here’s to everyone’s ultimate health.

Peace and love!