Yikes, time is travelling at warp speed these days. Being at a funky stage in my pred wean doesn’t help things much. Energy is a hot commodity, but our coming out day is drawing nearer and nearer.

I have to say that I’m so completely and totally stoked about how things are unfolding in our little town. I can’t speak for other places – as I’m not there – but man oh man is it ever a cool thing happening in our town of 4500 (but don’t let that fool you because it’s a tourist town and there’s always way more than 4,500 people around).

I just went on the boob tube to talk about this, and just to make sure that you all know, I’m not making up the stats for this, I’m getting them from AARDA – the American version of what I’d love to see in Canada, and will do all in my power for that to happen. AARDA stands for American Autoimmune Related Disease Association and it was upon stumbling on their site that I had this epiphany to get this going. I know they’re doing a ton to do the same thing, but I thought I’d approach it from a different angle. Anyways all of the stats and data that I quote on here if from their numerous studies, and there is a ton of reference material on the links page. I would be horrified at the thought that I might be putting false information out there and I assure you that it comes from reliable sources (although not Canadian due to our lack of anything of the sort). If you want to find out more, go to www.aarda.org.

Another thing that I noticed is how noticeably absent we are from this site for our biggest federal funding provider http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/193.html . So think about this when Pajama Day is over and you’re wondering what you can do to keep the ball rolling. There are a couple of things… One, do a little research into your geneology and see if there is autoimmunity in your family (just because there isn’t doesn’t mean your free and clear either, so it’s good to play safe) and if there is, you can take some simple precautions to avoid being exposed to environmental triggers. I don’t thin I would have had the H1N1 shot had I been aware of the genetic connections and H1N1’s stated possibility of contracting Vasculitis, and AI disease which I now have. Another thing you can do is to remind your government representative that Autoimmunity is a debilitating disease and there is very little federal money going towards research. They need to hear from us more.

Our event is only one week away, and I have some PJ’s for those that don’t and would like something cheap to put on over their ski pants and running gear.

Thanks you all for being part of this and we will change things for the better. I know it with all my knowing.

3 thoughts on “One Week Notice

    1. Anyone is invited to the PJ events. If you’re talking about The Eagle Radio station, I haven’t spoken to them about coming out, but of course anyone is invited who is interested. The more the merrier.

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