I went and spoke with a most amazing group of teenagers this week at the Jasper Junior/Senior High School. It was a little nerve wracking but also inspiring to think that these are the people who will change the world… and hopefully I said something at some point that might have inspired even one student to use their powerful, world changing voice to stand up for this cause. I know there is a lot of social consciousness, imagination and tech saavy in that school, so I sit here and hope with all hope that something jaw dropping will come from that direction.

I have made some posters and the logos are now available on here if you would like to do something in your corner of the world and need some supporting material. You can click on the Media tab above and have at’er (www.findthecommonthread.com/media ).

I really hope that if you are doing something or a part of a PJ event, you’ll take pictures and /or video and send them this way so that we can show the world what we’ve been up to and what they missed – but can always get on board next year. You can send images and links to videos to findthecommonthread@yahoo.ca .

I look forward to our day in the sun. I will be going on air this Saturday in Edmonton to toot the horn, so we may hopefully get some joiners from that direction.

All the best my friends, and keep it going.

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