I got a vaccine injury in 2009 from the H1N1 vaccine and have not been able to get vaccinated since I made the connection (it almost killed me the first time, with a known potential but rare side effect, Vasculitis, and in my case Wegener’s Granulomatosis) but I was so into ensuring that I survived that in my fight to live, I didn’t make the connection at first. I did however make the connection when I had a booster, and my world, once again, fell apart and I had to spend another five years coming back from the brink of death. I have therefore not gotten vaccinated during this pandemic, as the risk benefit ratio is not in my favour, and I have paid a very steep price for this very personal decision. I, however, am lucky because I can get an exemption. My daughter who was 3 years old when I first got sick in 2009, has seen first hand how a vaccine injury can wreak havoc in a family including the many times she came to a hospital to say good bye to me, she does not have the opportunity to get a medical exemption. I believe she has some significant PTSD from our family’s experience, and will not get a vaccine because of that. We are both not allowed to get on an airplane, a train or a boat and travel – move freely – in our own country, a right afforded to us in the Charter of Rights, but taken away by a government that is not proactive, but fully reactive to social media pressures, and vote hunting.

As of April 1st, 2022, we are allowing people that are vaccinated to come into Canada via airplane without showing negative Covid results, but as we have all seen over the last few months, vaccinated people are just as much carriers/transmitters of Covid, yet a little more dangerous as they can go through it asymptomatic, while passing it around. In the United Kingdom, there are currently 4.9 million cases of Covid, and they have 9 out of 10 people vaccinated. So 90% of their population can come here and spread the virus, but I, a Canadian, who has paid into the Canadian social web for decades, who has had the disease, who has been treated with monoclonal antibodies (which means that even if I wanted to, I can’t get a vaccine for another three months) can’t travel on an airplane. How does this even make sense? My daughter has had the disease, and despite all the scare narratives, went through it with no more discomfort than a regular flu and is fully on the other side of it now. But she can’t travel either. 

I know that this is not top of mind because in Canada, as of April 1, 2022, 89% of Canadians over 5 years of age have had 1 dose of the vaccination, and 85% of the population over 5 years old is fully vaccinated. Their rights weren’t stripped from them, so they like to argue with me that I can travel freely, but they are wrong… according to the government website, nothing has changed for the unvaccinated. We are small minority of only 15% of the population, however that 15% when translated into real humans comes to 5,824,500 people that have been discarded by our government. Even a fraction of that number would make a pretty significant class action lawsuit, so I’m sending this out to potential class action oriented law firms (I’ve only sent one out now, but if they don’t answer I’m going full steam ahead). Our government is always just looking at re-electibility, which is why this 15% of the population means nothing to them, but they’re using our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as toilet paper and undoubtedly this seemingly small act is a litmus test of how far they can go in stripping rights and freedoms away under the guise of ‘good for the all’ narrative. Vaccinated people have forgotten what it feels like to be handcuffed by your government because said government is using our freedom of mobility as a manipulative tactic to enforce their will on the people: In the process completely disregarding the fact that a vaccine is a medical procedure, and as such, every patient has a legal and ethical right to informed consent or denial.

I hope this sparks enough outrage in whoever reads this, despite their feelings on the merits of vaccine mandates, that you can do something for the more than 5 Million people shackled by a heartless, flacid government. 

Politics is not part of this discussion because both sides of the political spectrum are downright nuts right now. We’ve been left option-less, but maybe something as crazy as accountability, where it hurts, can at least remedy the cruel, ruthless pandering our current regime has engaged in since the vaccines came out to play. Somebody please hold them accountable. 

Thank you for your time, and I hope that this leads to something life changing for people who feel like there is no hope or decency left in our institutions and those of us who feel like we’re yesterday’s garbage in the eyes of our elected officials. 

I pray, and I’m not a big prayer, but I have nothing left. 


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2 thoughts on “The dehumanizing of the unvaccinated

  1. Nearly 6M people overlooked? That’s the entire population of Norway, where, as a Canadian, I thankfully live at the moment. The political leaders here are thankfully not spraying the population with toxic seeds of division, while growing deeper mental health issues (I can’t imagine the future expense of oppressing almost 6M people). There is no discrimination between consenters and non-consenters for travel within Norway. I am so grateful for leaders who don’t exhibit a God-complex and leave the space for individual risk analysis. It permits me more space to trust them in return.

    1. Thanks Kim. Wouldn’t it be great if our leader here didn’t have a God complex. I think also that you only start to question and be an active participant in your own well being, when life is on the line. I had never stood up to doctors in my life… until my life depended on it, and I happened to be at my weakest. Strange time to do something that is so outside the norm. To actually look at what and how the decisions are made about your actual life, research yourself, and take appropriate actions.
      The sheep on social media like to put out completely contrary ideas, and don’t even realize it. ‘Follow the science’, but ‘don’t do your own research’. So basically what they’re in fact saying, is ‘trust whoever is telling you about the science’. Had I done that, I’d be dead many years ago, and wouldn’t be under the care of the best doctor in the world right now, wouldn’t have gotten published in a medical journal, and wouldn’t have started this foundation. They say the disease hits everyone differently, but assure us that the vaccine will be no problem across the board. I just found quite a bit of reference on Vasculitis post Covid19 vaccination. And this makes me so happy that I didn’t get bullied into it. Despite the price I’m now paying – prisoner of my own country.

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