Find The Common Thread

 Autoimmune Disease Awareness

PJ Day 2015 Schedule of Events

Jasper the bear in JammiesFull listing of events and schedule for The Fourth Annual PJ Day to raise awareness for Autoimmune Disease and funds for a local family.


100% of the profit made from donations on February 27, 2015 will go to the MacMahon Family Trust Fund. Donate by clicking below.

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What is Autoimmune Disease?


Autoimmune Disease is akin to having the army that is supposed to protect your homeland turn on you and pillage the land it lives on and kill its populations. It’s not a malicious attack but one based on confusion, and a lack of the ability to recognize self from non-self.

One in five people are attacked by the immune system that is meant to protect them, and 75% of those are females. Autoimmune Disease is one of the top 10 causes of death of women under 64 years old, and female children.

There are over a hundred Autoimmune Diseases with many names, some famous (MS, Lupus, Arthritis, Celiac, etc.) most are extremely rare, but all are an immune responce turned on its host body.

There is no cure, and treatment is often toxic only adressing the symptoms or damage incured, with remission being a best case scenario.

By working together to raise awareness and looking for the common thread of all Autoimmune Diseases, we can be one step closer to eliminating this single disease family with such high personal, social and economic costs.

Finding the common thread can lead us to a cure not just for one, but for all Autoimmune Diseases. Imagine our society without Autoimmune Disease. It sure would be an amazing place.

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Our own A-Prize

pj at school
Together we can make amazing things happen.
Together we can rock the world.

Inspired by the idea of the X-Prize Foundation, we would like to raise enough money to create interest amongst researchers to look for the common thread to Autoimmune Disease which has a high likelyhood of leading to a cure for ALL Autoimmune Disease, many of which fall under the Rare Disease Category and get very little funding support for research

If each person with an Autoimmune Disease donated a single dollar we would have more money to incentivize a prize than any other prize in the history of man. There are millions upon millions of us. Apart we are rare, together we are a force to be reckoned with.

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…the first little Canadian patient-driven ripple towards finding a common thread & cure to autoimmune disease


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