Find The Common Thread

 Autoimmune Disease Awareness

Find the Common Thread Foundation is a group of like minded individuals working to raise awareness for, and help in the efforts to eradicate one of the costliest yet least talked about disease groups of our time. It affects 1 in 5 people from mild quality of life inconveniences, to chronic, systemic and life threatening health conditions, to surviving to a life of chemotherapy, steroids and/or replacement therapies  (and by association it affects their families, friends, employers, community, health care system and economy on all levels,) Autoimmune Disease. It quickly becomes clear how this one disease with over a hundred names, affects everyone reading this paragraph in some way… either directly or indirectly.

Only by working together, sharing the data together, do we have a hope in seeing a cure (not another way to treat the symptoms) in our lifetime.  Think Sudoku. Each one of us is a 3X3 square and we have some of the numbers, but you can’t get the puzzle unless you have the other 3X3 squares alongside. Yes, an extreme oversimplification, but we are all presumably working toward the same goal. Eradication of an autoimmune disease, and we believe the best chance is to unify the problem.

Help us raise awareness by making world stats on Autoimmune Disease truer representations of reality. The World Health Organization does not have Autoimmune Disease on the list of International Disease Classification, thus it is not an option when recording morbidity and/or mortality. Millions die each year globally from complications of their ongoing struggle with one of the 140+ Autoimmune Diseases, yet only a handful actually exist on the classification list. All others give their final vote on this planet to a disease group that had nothing to do with their ongoing daily struggles. The only way to raise awareness, funding and knowledge about this deadly disease group (like cancer but longer lasting) is to ensure that the global mortality stats paint an accurate picture of reality… this is not happening right now. Help us right this wrong by adding your name to the petition.

What is Autoimmune Disease?


Autoimmune Disease is akin to having the army that is supposed to protect your homeland turn on you and pillage the land it lives on and kill its populations. It’s not a malicious attack but one based on confusion, and a lack of the ability to recognize self from non-self.

One in five people are mistakenly attacked by their own immune systems, the ones meant to protect them, and 75% of those are females. Autoimmune Disease is one of the top 10 causes of death of women under 64 years old, and female children.

There are over a hundred Autoimmune Diseases with many names, some famous (MS, Lupus, Arthritis, Celiac, etc.) most are extremely rare, but all are an immune responce turned on its own body.

There is no cure, and treatment is often toxic only adressing the symptoms or damage incured, with remission being a best case scenario.

By working together to raise awareness and looking for the common thread of all autoimmune diseases, we can be one step closer to eliminating this single disease family with such high personal, social and economic costs.

Finding the common thread can lead us to a cure not just for one, but for all autoimmune diseases. Imagine our society without autoimmune disease, or any of the other chronic, and costly diseases that revolve around an immune system misfire (cancer, heart and stroke, mental health.)

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…the first little Canadian patient-driven ripple towards finding a common thread & cure to autoimmune disease


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