At Find The Common Thread our belief is that everything, every situation can be and should strive to have a win-win outcome.

So if you donate to us it’s a win-win.

We win because you believe in what we are trying to do and you’re willing to put your money down to show us.

You win because:

  1. You know that when we reach our goal, there will no longer be Autoimmune Disease to hurt our families, to hurt our workforce, to hurt our health care system, or to hurt our economy as it does now.
  2. BUT you also win because your name was entered in our Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month Contest with thousands of dollars in prizes.
  3. AND you win because when you donate to us this March, we will split that donation in half and give half to your favorite Autoimmune Disease Awareness Charity. We don’t want you to turn your back on anyone, this way they will get a surprise donation, and the working together movement marches on forward toward our common goal to eliminate Autoimmune Disease.

To Enter The Contest, you must send us a picture with the #weonecontest hash tag,to our Facebook Page or Tweet it to @WeggieGirl , showing us how much you’re donating and what charity (if any) you’d like us to share the donation with. We will pick our winner based on those submissions (exceptions accepted in special circumstances, must be approved by a member of the Board) and pending receipt of donation.

For more info on the contest check out our Contest link.

For details on where to send your donation to please click our Donate tab above or I can lead you there from here.

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