It’s time to turn our backs on old paradigms. It’s time to make Autoimmune Disease history. As in gone.

In the spirit of the X-Prize Foundation we’ve decided to start a ball rolling towards creating a prize that would inspire, motivate and lead research in a direction that might not be taken without incentive.

We would like to get a $1,000,000 prize ready for PJ Day 2015. It seems like a lot of money to try and raise through a publicly funded mechanism, however if you consider that Autoimmune Disease affects 1 in 5 people, then we can raise Millions in Canada and tens of Millions in the United States if only each person with an Autoimmune Disease donates a buck. Yup, just $1 for each patient.

Let’s do it. Let’s make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Let’s raise a Million Bucks, and let’s find a cure for ALL Autoimmune Disease.

Click Here to Donate

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