I’m hearing them too, but I know what they are in my case. The rumbling and vibrations of a whole lot of people getting behind a cause. I can’t speak for what’s happening in other places as I give up the idea completely to others of like minds that  agree with this project to do things in their own back yards. I know some who are, but I can’t speak to the details of their events, but I can certainly speak for what’s happening here. We are ever closer to our PJ Fashion Show. We will have dancers and models, it’ll be about a 45 minute show. I’m so excited to see it rolling like a giant snowball coming down the mountain and getting bigger and less stopable with each revolution. We will also have a PJ run on the 29th and it’ll be led by a world class athlete (I will disclose the secret identity when things get more concrete). We’re also working on a PJ Dance/Party – details to follow, and a PJ ski race – details to follow. I’m also working on a lot more things that can really make an impact and make our town truly the epicenter of this worldwide movement. I challenge you all to beat me. Make your town stand out – and if a bunch of us do that, the map can look like one of those early ‘Contagion’ viral maps. That’s the only way this will grab the attention of those who can propel our cause into hyperdrive.

It will be an entire day in your PJ’s – just like we autoimmunies have to spend (involuntarily) days on end. Except on our PJ day we’ll have some fun.

Because of this I have been talking to many people with a multitude of autoimmune diseases and am completely blown away at the similarities in our experiences. Pre diagnosis, getting the medical profession to acknowledge our symptoms, having to suck it up because we look relatively normal on the outside while feeling like crapola on the inside, even having to convince some doctors post diagnosis that you’re in danger if they remain inactive. It’s crazy. More and more I realize that AI is a bit of a mystery to the regular doctor/nurse/healthcare worker. We need to let the world know A) how many of us there are B) that our disease research is way underfunded proportionately speaking C) That it’s time to take this disease group seriously and start looking for a common thread which will if found open up billions of dollars in our medical systems to treat other diseases.

Let’s make PJ Day Viral. Do something and take pictures and video and send them this way. Let’s show the world that we’re not going to sit in our rooms quietly in our PJ’s anymore, we’re here to fight for ourselves…. just like we have to do so often with the medical profession. Gentle nudgy reminders that we’re here.

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