I haven’t forgotten about our goal. I promise. I’m just not posting the cool little twists and turns this journey is taking.

I have started working on a kid’s book ‘Out Of The Moon Disease’ and will keep you posted on the forward progress.

Also have been talking to  some awesome guys who would like to be our corporate sponsors and move forward in the search for the common thread alongside us. This is fantastic and exciting and I’m thrilled.

We are about to have our first official meeting for our newly formed Society/Non Profit and we will move forward in leaps and bounds.

I’m glad I got this disease. I know, crazy, hey? But in a strange way it’s kinda true. It’s bringing my life in such interesting new neighbourhoods I would have never entered before, willingly. It’s very surreal sort of experience when you surrender yourself to the forces of the universe to take you where you need to be, and do what you need to do, and work towards goals and objectives you never knew existed let alone needed to be addressed. It’s cool too to see people see this gaping hole and reassure you that you’re not going crazy, that there is indeed something terribly wrong and they see that we can do something to change it for the better, together.

I live a blessed life and I am lucky and grateful for the opportunities I have to change the course ever so slightly towards better health for all. All of which would be impossible without the help and support of so many.

On a similar but slightly different note: We have signed up for a float in our Canada Day Parade in Jasper, The Walking Barely Alive, Pajama Walkers. So if you’re from Jasper and want to play along, get ready to participate in the parade.

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