So for the first time in my life I think I actually got into the magical world behind the chatter. I tried meditating the other day and man did it pay off in heaps.

The whole plan of how to make the next PJ Day be as big as I imagine it came to me. With it comes greater awareness, greater power to influence research decisions, greater ability to fund-raise and the true possibility of changing things for the better by addressing this big gaping hole known as autoimmune disease. I will need a few divine intervention moments in the early stages, but I have faith. When these plans come to fruition, you will hear about it. People all over will know about autoimmune disease, and will be crawling over each other to create a better event to support the cause.

#weonePJday2014 will be a hashtag that will rock the world. We will be trending. Mark my words.

Now off to finish off the plan design.
Plan now finished (March 21th, 2013) If you’re curious see the link below.


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