photoWell, here we are Second Annual PJ Day to Raise Awareness for Autoimmune Disease. And it started off with a BANG!

City TV’s Breakfast Television Edmonton started us off bright and early (5:30am to be precise) and our awesome town turned up with bells and PJ’s on. I’m so overwhelmed and it’s only 10:21am right now. As soon as this is online we will share the link . Now to go out and enjoy some of the PJ events around town – or take some pictures at least.

If you have pictures you want to upload you can do it either on Facebook into the FindTheCommonThread group, or you can go to Photobucket and go to findthecommonthread2013 page ( use the code ‘oneinfive’ to get access and drop some photos.

We will keep you posted as the day progresses, keep an eye on Facebook, and here to see the goings on: Thanks to 2J and  his crew for this video!!!

There are so many thanks that need to go out and I will start them on here and add as more come or my chemo brain remembers those I’ve missed...
Here goes in no particular order…
My amazing family, my awesome husband (totally awesome husband) my over the top supportive sister and friends that are beyond words
Jasper Park Lodge and the gang that raised so much money for us from last year
Hugh Lecky at Tekarra Colour Lab
City TV and Breakfast Television
The Gang at Mountain Park Lodges
Marmot Basin
Jasper Tourism
Travel Alberta
Snow Dome Coffee Bar
Video Stop
Eleanor Bye
Jasper Haus – Jasper Park Lodge
Nicole Koebel and the Dance Crew
Ashley, Raichle and the gang
The Jasper Elementary School Grade One class and Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Koss
The Randal Scott Band
Mayor Richard Ireland
Greg Van Tighem and the Jasper Fire Station
Municipality of Jasper
Elizabeth Prinz
Steph Sophocleus and River Stone Yoga
Tracy Garneau and Dave McDowell
Su Young-Lesley
Bearberry Photo
Lucia’s Gems and Gifts
Willow Tree Gifts
Tea Leaf Boutique
Totem Sports Shop
Our new society board including, Sue Cesco, Mayor Richard Ireland, Steph Sophocleus, Hana Dankov-Bye
Jasper Inn
Rocky Mountain Roasters
Global TV and Su-Ling Goh
CTV Morning News
Marriane Garrah
Dr. Diane Dick
Dr. Elaine Yacyshyn
… and the entire town of Jasper without whom none of this would be happening this year.
All of you are beyond description and an inspiration for me to keep trucking on.

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