Bags of PJ’s – check.T-shirt’s ordered – check.
City TV – Breakfast Television  – check.
Accommodation for crew – check. (Thanks Mountain Park Lodges)
Fiber Line cost for BT – check. (Thanks City TV, Marmot, Jasper Tourism and Travel Alberta)
Fitzhugh Interview – check.
Global Interview with Su-Ling Goh – check. (
Variety Show rough outline – check.
PJ suppliers for fashion show on board – check.
Location for BT Remote shoot – still in progress (but will be a check soon)
Donation Boxes around town – working on them (look for them soon – heart shaped boxes – and help out so we can pull this all of without going into our own pockets)
Getting more people on board – check and constant work in progress (thanks to all who are spreading the word)

The more of us that wear PJ’s the more likely the world will stop and pay attention to a disease group that has been generally ignored as a whole up until now.

Stay tuned to this page and we will start posting event start times and when and where we will need to see all your PJ clad bodies for the cameras. Thanks to you all for your continued support and making this dream a reality. Big props go out to you all.

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