If you missed out on the fun last year, here’s your chance to play and change the world for the better this year.

Here is a link to the day’s events https://findthecommonthread.com/pj-day-2013-march-1st/ and if you’re coming here from Jasper Junior Olympics page, here’s what you can do: On your way to the hill you can swing by and show your team spirit – IN YOUR PJ’S (you can wear them over your warm up’s) at the New Fire Hall between 5:30am and 9:00am for the cameras and tell your friends to watch for you on TV. This is all live and they’d like to see as many PJ’s there as possible, and what a way to get on TV with your team mates and your families and show your support for this fun but important event while getting your mugs on TV. We also have a flash-mob which we will do about 8:12am-ish and you can find links to choreography on the schedule of events page link above.

City TV from Edmonton is coming up and filming Breakfast Television Live, in their PJ’s from Jasper. How awesome and fortuitous for spreading the word.

You’ll  have bragging rights for being part of this event which will soon take over North America and you can tell your friends you were part of it the first couple of years when it was still a baby, and the reason it’s as awesome as it is, is because you were there pushing it along when it was getting started. Thanks to all for your amazing support.

PJ Day 2013 poster

3 thoughts on “PJ Day number 2…

  1. Marta, you rock our world. Loving watching the ripples start to vibrate outwards from our awesome, tiny, but oh so rockin’ centre of our universe: Jasper, Alberta, Canada! Shine on you word/image/ techy wizard, inspirational health guru, sweet mountain Momma & genuine all round super Canadian woman. You are such a Rocky Mountain precious gem & inspiration, soul-sister!
    Giant Mountain Sunshine Hugs, Always

  2. I think this event is utterly inspiring. THANK YOU.
    What you achieved with everyone wearing PJs is incredible and gives me hope.

    I spend most of my time campaigning for awareness of auto-immune diseases and especially the one my mother had for 51 of her 71 years – MG (Myasthenia Gravis). My goal is to get MG as well known as MS.
    Therefore, I would be mighty appreciative if next year your poster edging could include MG. It will only take a teeny weeny bit of space. Thank you.
    My website is vw4causes.org if you’d like to see how I use my 1971 VW campervan for good causes like this 🙂

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