Who will be the Horton to our Whoville?
So I’ve put this out there to quite a few people and companies that can make a difference and stand up for something that affects so many. I haven’t heard back much. C’mon people throw me a bone.  This is a good cause, I promise you. It will be big even next year when I have more than a couple of months to get it going (and I’m not doing chemo sessions while doing all of this.) If you get on board now you can tell the world that you were in on it on a grass-roots level… before anyone else got in, before anyone else knew what was coming. This is a real opportunity to make a change on a worldwide scale. All you have to do is get on board.

I haven’t asked anyone for any money. That’s not our goal this year. Our goal is awareness. We just want you to help us spread the word and put on your jammies for one day (it’s an extra day this year, make it count and do something worthwhile – what have you got to lose).

Stand up and speak for those who are disfigured by awful drugs and awful diseases and can’t stand up and speak for themselves because they’re in hospitals or hiding out in their homes because their friends don’t recognize them or they’re so immune suppressed they are afraid of the most common germs, germs that can put them in ICU’s (that’s Intensive Care Units for those of you who’ve been lucky enough to never know that term.)

Autoimmune disease can be mild and treatable with as much as a change in diet or they can be devastating and life threatening and require toxic chemo and high doses of steroids (both have their own very horrible side effects that can also lead to complications ending in an untimely demise.) The bad thing is that once you have one you are more susceptible to others and they can come at you from nowhere and can be deadly. There is also a genetic predisposition so if you have one that’s mild, your child might be open to one that is not so mild. My mom has fibromyalgia, my dad has lupus, my sister has psoriatic arthritis and I have Wegener’s Granulomatosis. I was knocking on death’s doorstep not that long ago, but he wasn’t home that day and I’m here knocking on yours now. Will you answer the door or treat me like the Electrolux salesman of days gone by? Please look inside your heart and make the right decision.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. (I saw this in a store today and it gave me goosebumps). Let’s go all the way and push for a cure/common thread for all autoimmune diseases and disorders.

JoJo - one small voice one huge difference.
Will you be our JoJo?

I do have to say that there are many of us ‘little people’ (who are actually sick) and those who love us who are doing a lot. We’re organizing a fashion show, a dance and possibly a PJ run on the 29th in my town. Some of the businesses are already on board and will have their staff wear PJ’s, and we have friends in England who are doing the same. I have friends in some small towns in the US doing the same, so I want to make sure that you know this is not dependent on which big company gets on board. We’ll start small and keep growing like a snowball coming down the hill in a Bugs Bunny cartoon…. but it sure would be great if some of the people with a wider reach and bigger voices would jump on board and amplify our call. Imagine one of the last scenes in Horton Hears a Who, where the Whoville’s are screaming in unison to let the outside world know they are there… “we are here! we are here! we are here! we are here!…..” and one small voice is the tipping point that breaks through the barrier. Is that voice going to be yours?

We are here! We are here! We are here! We are here!

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