It’s almost feeling like this is a musical kind of place, but I saw this today and have to share it as I find it so powerful on so many different levels. I find it so cool that a combination of efforts and skills from people around the world that might not even know each other can make such a powerful statement and, yes, change the world for the better. This is exactly what we’re trying to do here, my friends that I know and those that I don’t… we are all in the same boat, trying to row against the same current, looking at the same final destination of a better life not just for us and our families but for millions of other people who will benefit from our success – people who will have no idea that our actions are helping them as we seem so unrelated, but we are….

Here’s the song….

This movement is gaining momentum. Our movement that is. People who had no idea they belong to such a huge group are starting to see the light. I keep reading articles about various autoimmune diseases and at the end of each one there’s the statement “we need more research into this disease”, and it really strikes me how we all have compartmentalized ourselves into little boxes. Imagine if we all stood together and said “we need more research into this disease – autoimmunity” – just imagine how strong and loud our communal voice will be and how the world will have no other option than to listen. With finding a common thread we can free up millions from suffering and free up billions of dollars taken up in the medical systems of the world right now treating chronic illness for other illnesses and medical research for all kinds of other problems. Everyone, EVERYONE, will benefit from a successful campaign here. EVERY ONE!

2 thoughts on “One little person at a time

  1. Thank you for raising awareness of a group of Devestating and deadly diseases. It’s nice to know your, “Not crazy, it’s not ALL in your head.”. I’ve been struggling for the last few years with my, “mystery Illness.” I’ve been labeled, depressed, Anxious, bipolar, having mono, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, just Anemia, allergic, Asthma, Acne…… The list is endless. Finally, after everything my mystery is coming together, I have positive PR-3 antibodies, EVERY test, my legs are often covered with a dark purple veil commonly called Vasculitis, my endless Allergies, Asthma Eye, Ear problems make sense and in the coming two weeks I’m being sent from North Carolina to The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for what is believed to be Wegners. I say believe bc I’m never really sure what they will label me with and who I will next have to convince its not ALL in my head. Even after seeing my labs, physical manifestations, many are slow to believe. I’m so exhausted from having to continually state my case. I am Sincerly grateful you have taken the time and energy to invest in this site. I know any little bit of energy is a blessing and for you to devote it to this cause is a God send. Bless you. 🙂
    -Heather Caldwell-

    1. Thank you Heather. I’m so sorry to read about your journey, but it’s so unnecessarily common for people with AI disease. I also have Wegener’s and my initial path was very parallel to yours. I actually find it theraputic to think about something other than what’s going on inside my body and that’s why I started my blog ( but then I thought that the only way anything significant can be done is to raise awareness for ALL autoimmune disease and bring them all under one umbrella for society and governement and researchers and philanthropists and anyone who can make a difference to see. So here we are. And we’ll start by showing ourselves (along with those who know us and/or love us and/or care for us as patients) by wearing our Pajamas on February 29th. I hope your journey gets easier… it actually does when you get a concrete answer and know the deamon you’re fighting. It’s a tough fight but it makes for really tough people in the end. I find I am much stronger and better for the experience (my physical shape needs a lot of work to get back to where I was, but I’m still dealing with the beast – which is why I’ve been absent from here, I’m getting a couple of RTX infusions right now, plus my immune supressed body just got exposed to chickenpox virus and we’re dealing with that drama as well).

      I promise to do my very best to get us out there, to let people know, and to push for finding a common thread that will not only help millions of us suffering but free up the medical system to help millions of others who suffer from other disease. See, if successful we can pull off a miracle of sorts as it will help so many people, it’s almost unimaginable. Take care Heather and thanks for supporting the cause.

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